Lion, Batman and Natural Selection

Science or in particular Biology is not in the business of proving or negating God, it’s just been trying hard to piece together the puzzle of our existence through another riddle called ‘Evolution Theory’. Every now and then we keep learning they have found another missing piece, that would raise even further questions about our ancestors.

I am not gonna lecture you on this absurd stuff, I have little to no interest in biology, I am a batman,. I rather contemplate and then render my strong opinions and sometime even take action on them.

Anyhow, a friend of mine, happens to own a lion, a grown up pet lion. And I have always cherished a pet lion of my own. But here is a little problem. I am a coward. Before you laugh your arses off, Hey! Who isn’t … anyhow, so it was a setback, and I inadvertently made a wish to ‘evolution’ why Lion could not have the natural instincts of a ‘Lamb’ or a ‘Horse’ …  so I would have comfortably adopted it., and riding it all day long without wetting my pants.

So today during the morning shower, I was contemplating the coincidence between the lion’s physical appearance and its natural instincts. Which are both awful. He is the worst predator and he looks like one. That’s why people generally call him the ‘King of the Animals’ due to his majestic physical appearance as well as being the strongest predator. So let’s chalk it up to ‘natural selection’?

Saturday, June 30, 2018