Hidden Profits

Phuck! Gonna shell out $6000 for a one and half month of container detention 😑, I doubt phucking 🚢 Maersk makes that much off a single container in a whole year. Container Detention is the hidden Gross Profit in a balance sheet.

Ironically the container itself would cost much lower than this. 😐 I guess it’s about time all freight forwarders should transform into a container line NVOCC and grab these profits for themselves., and use these 🚢 steamship lines as a glorified ferry service.

It would require a bit of initial capital investment for licensing and container leasing but I am sure in the 3rd World countries where Customs are overly strict on imports, hence would take much longer in the clearance process, ROI would be 500%, Esp., on the shorter transit times routes.

Oh wait. It’s actually already happening.. freight for an FCL from Dubai to Karachi is hilariously $5 per 20’ and has only 3 days TTime. And an NVOCC makes money off the container detention averaging at $50 to $80 per day.

Monday, July 16, 2018