We are broke

I guess Trump administration is pissed, we aint’ borrowing anything from them, and yet surviving, we are always broke 😐, and borrowing money hasn’t been a concern for our country, we can get billions from 🇸🇦 Saudi, however we avoid it for they will drag us in their unwanted wars, we still shield them against any provocation .. but don’t participate in their any aggressive endeavour., i.e in Yemen.

Now we have 🇨🇳 China, who is not only investing $60 Billions in the infrastructure but also lending us tons of money.

A pragmatic diplomatic strategy works with both the passive and aggressive approach, but Trump administration has their passive mode permanently deactivated.

Lately Mr. Trump even took a jab at Queen Elizabeth., 😱 it literally brought me down to tears 😭, she is a too old woman. I knew he’d take his trump-baby-blimp revenge from the holy lady, when he gets back home, and he just did that.

August 4, 2018