Freight Forwarding Industry Just Need More Tech

Microsoft Outlook is the worst thing ever happened to the freight forwarding industry … coupled by the invention of a USB stick, peeps back up their emails on a USB even in 2018 …. an entire morning is ruined, because the POP server won’t deliver emails. Frenetic calls are made to the 1-Man-Army-Web-Hosting-Shop … who has been hosting 1000s of websites on a single shared web hosting account.

I guess part of the reason, why freight forwarding industry globally at an SME level lacks web based software and tech, is that to become an ‘expert’ it does not require very high qualification, anyone who can read and type emails.. can be an expert in a span of 2-3 years .. it also happens to be very lucrative, for less qualified middle class individuals.

Highly qualified individuals very rarely choose this industry, because it’s immensely hectic and stressful. So therefore only less qualified individuals stick around… having said that, more qualified folks have very higher chance of career growth in a lesser period of time. If they are able to take stress and pains of this industry.

Sales folks make a lot of money, most of them got elevated from a peon level … but they are making more money than a more qualified person in another industry …

I had only accidentally got into this business at the age of 17, because my father who ran this business, at the time, had badly needed my assistance, and I was the eldest among my siblings… I was only ambitious to be a ‘cricketer’ and play for the national team… however.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018