Technical Skills Vs Visionary

Ironically, Steve Jobs didn’t have technical skills neither in Industrial Design nor Software coding, But he was gifted with an exceptional ability to distinguish what is ugly, good, better and the best.

He would keep asking Jony, kid! could you make it better. and then, is it the best you can do? …

compared that to Bill Gates, the ‘Chief Architecture’ of the Microsoft Windows, handed coded, perhaps billion upon billion lines of code himself, But he never had a good understanding what is a Good Design and User-Experience.. very mediocre in his skills of perceiving it.

Also Steve had a prophetic 6th sense, to accurately predict the near future trends. Gates lol, took 10 years to catch up with Gmail, remember ‘hotmail’ … which has changed as many domains and sign-ins gateways as there are stars in the universe, and yet no one in their right mind uses it …

When Gmail was offering 1 Gb space in the early days of ‘cloud’ storage, Hotmail still capped it at 10 mb., and could not predict the near future trends.

So moral of the story, being visionary is more important than technical skills., I don’t wanna undermine its importance too. But one can hire technical folks, but being visionary is solely the result of in-depth knowledge, attention to details and god-gifted too.

Sunday, August 19, 2018