B2B vs B2C Marketing

So this weekend, I’ve been pondering over, which kind of marketing is more difficult .. since we are a B2B .. or business to business service provider, so I have no clue how B2C works, but apparently it looks like consumer marketing is very easy … shinny colors, catchy phrases, emotional and viral content … that’s all …

whereas B2B marketing is really tricky … despite that on the other side there are still humans who are making decisions, but they are rather making a business decision to choose our services and a lot of thought goes into that process.

I guess a good B2B marketing is all about building trust and ensuring … that you will deliver on your promises and take the responsibility for your product or services.

And the most common mediums of B2B marketing are of course advertisement ..’ targeted ‘ Adwords campaigns, SEM is as important as SEO, Content Marketing very vital too, and Email Marketing (bit tricky but avoid sending too many nevertheless do send them at regular intervals) … remember the old saying, out of sight … out of mind … so never ever be out of sight … be there … make your presence known … keep showing up … keep knocking .. but do not be annoying in the process.

Sunday, August 26, 2018