A DHL Package from China

So everyone knows, I work 7 days of the week, and Sunday is no exception, so this morning I had received an email with a zip file. Honestly I am always very wary of opening of Zip files, you never know what is packed inside.

But it looked like a gentle email requesting our services to clear his DHL package that he had received from China. So I unzipped the file, and there were 7-8 docs inside., and then suddenly the description of goods caught my eye Bam! ‘silicon sexual toy’ .… and I kind of jumped out of my chair, and carefully observed the sender of the email, he looked like a 26 yo bloke working in a far far away factory, and he had given his room address. I could understand his pain, he perhaps got tired of watchin’ pr0n and fapping on his laptop screen, and now wanted the next level of fun., during those lonely-factory-night-shifts. But sadly we are a very modest company.

Sunday, September 23, 2018