October 11, 2020 General 291

Automation in the freight forwarding Industry

Speaking of ‘automation’ I think the ‘courier industry’ is where we should always look up to, we are nearly identical twins, when the DHL delivered a package at my place last week, driver simply pulled the barcode gun, scanned it, entered my name and boom! it’s a 4G enabled device, therefore their website tracking was instantly updated with the status ‘delivered’.

This is just a prime example of ‘automation’ in our industry. I think shipping containers were supposed to have ‘GPS tags’ attached to them, I am not sure what did it happen to this plan, I was under the impression it was going to be adopted industry wide (VOCCs).

We are fortunate to be living in the period of time, where we have all the ‘technology’ that is required to automate the supply chain start-to-end with the humans assistance, to much lesser degree than it was required decades ago.

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