China’s Detention Camps for Muslims Turn to Forced Laborpermalink

KASHGAR, China — Muslim inmates from internment camps in far western China hunched over sewing machines, in row after row. They were among hundreds of thousands who had been detained and spent month after month renouncing their religious convictions. Now the government was showing them on television as models of repentance, earning good pay — and political salvation — as factory workers.

Oh Well! This is kind of deplorable. We (Pakistan) consider China as our elder brother, and indeed they are, and Islam has no room for radicalism. Having said that, It’s still raising eyebrows for me, the way this ‘transformation’ is being conducted.

I hope they treat everyone well, regardless of one’s religion. There is a little to no chance of Pakistan or for that matter any Muslim country raising any concern over this. I guess, I am the only Muslim person or a Pakistani who called it deplorable.

December 17, 2018