November 17, 2020 General 207

Mark Zuckerburg

Hmm well, there isn’t particularly anything pertinent to talk about Zuck, except for, in the past decade, if you had observed Google, Microsoft and Apple really didn’t face an existential threat. Yet this kid is facing an obliteration every two years. He has not only stayed relevant but also stayed ahead of his game.

Facebook definitely feels dated in 2020, but he has set the bar too high, that there is no room for a long-form-proper social network. The short form social networks such as twitter, whatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok are not directly comparable to the kind of social network Facebook is, however as we know it, he has maintained domination., In short-form-social-networks, by all means. He is a good character to study, if you are in a business that faces existential threat in a period of every few years.

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