March 5, 2021 Mentorship 1,742

Always stay, talk and think positive

Here is the lesson that I have learned to, I tend to praise everyone in front of them and in their absence, it’s more about positivity, and positivity generally has life-changing effects on you, both in your personal life and career. People also love to hear and talk to people who are ‘positive’, none of us is sleeping on the bed of roses, everyone has got the woes of their own.

And the last thing they want to be more distressed by listening to you by any kind of ‘negative’ talk, regardless of its merits.

Avoid ‘negative’ talk, unless you really have to and it’s important enough to the discussion or the matter at hand.

Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people., the opposite of it, is totally disastrous for your personal life and career. If you have someone who talks ‘negative’ all the time, just unfollow them in your life, instead look out for people, who are positive. Talk and think positive, and see the karma return the favor to you.

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