GoDaddy is sneakily injecting JavaScript into your website and how to stop itpermalink

Igor Kromin

I recently started having issues with the admin interface of a website I run and decided to check the browser console to see if any errors were being displayed there. There were and among them was an error stating that a JavaScript map file being loaded (and failing) that I did not recognise. This meant that the actual JavaScript file itself was already loaded via my website. This set off all sorts of alarms for me and I started to dig in further.

When I was a diaper-wearing Kid, I registered my first ever domain using Godaddy. They aggressively advertised and so therefore I ended up on their website. Even back then I hated their website, with car racing models IMG. This is not what you would expect to see on a domain name registrar website. It was totally out of place.

And we all know what sort of company it is. VID .. Yep! It was a great marketing stunt from a general consumer point of view, however most of the professional developers community is gonna find it gross1.

As soon as I reached puberty, I realized it was the most stupid mistake, it was not only expensive comparatively but also had suspended my account twice over login issues. Since then I moved over to NameCheap (everyone’s favorite) and never looked back.

1. Few years ago, they changed the website branding and made it developerĀ friendly., as it was acquired by theĀ equity consortium., and the original founder Bob Parsons left.

Monday, January 14, 2019