Server Upgrade

Server OS (Ubuntu) upgrades are pain in the arse, what I don’t get, why would it simply upgrade and not respect the previous modules (PHP) installed, most LTS come with the newest version of PHP, but then you are left with a blank page, because you have to reinstall the required modules for your script again. Billion of things can go wrong that can cause it, then you have to wade through error.logs to see what caused it. It’s heart wrenching when you see a blank page or 500 error of your website. That was working fine moments ago.

It could place a simple check, I upgraded 4 servers, and all from command line, it’s interesting to watch, what is packed, upacked, checked, removed … and so on… zillion of processes. (most Desktop users don’t get to see it., they only see a pretty progress bar! ha ha!)…. Why can’t it simply make another check among billions others for ‘already installed modules’ (PHP) and install them too while at it. It’s been four years since I moved to self-managed servers, so the upgrade was inevitable. PHP 5 and Ubuntu 14.04 reached EOL. all upgraded to PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 the latest LTS. On a bright side, I also added dozen of new Linux and apache commands to my vocabulary. It’s all about Linux and Apache for the LAMP stack during server upgrades.

Friday, February 1, 2019