Google is moving Pixel production from China to an old Nokia factory in Vietnampermalink

Chaim Gartenberg / Verge

Google is said to be starting by shifting some of the Pixel 3A’s manufacturing to the Vietnam plant, with the goal of moving production there before the end of this year. New products are still expected to be built in China for now, which likely will include the forthcoming Pixel 4. Google isn’t the only company eying Vietnam for phone production: an earlier Nikkei report notes that Apple may be looking to shift between 15 to 30 percent of iPhone production to Vietnam and India to avoid tariffs, too.

Honestly I had been skeptical of Vietnam’s production and infrastructure capabilities. But it seems like they can still produce / assemble high-end consumer electronics too. Along with Malaysia, Taiwan and India to avoid tariffs. However as the article noted, the next iteration of Pixel Phones 4, still to be built in China.

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