Missing the Bitcoin bandwagon

Phuck! I heard of Bitcoin for the first time, when a developer had asked me to pay by Bitcoin since Pakistan didn’t allow PayPal. At that time Bitcoin was trading for $50 .. However, I was totally dumbfounded what he had just said. So I politely asked him can he accept another method., because I have no clue what actually Bitcoin is. He didn’t respond back.,  Nevertheless I started googling it. And eventually ended up on local coins exchange where it was priced PKR5100 or $50 at the time … I was like it’s too much hassle. Despite I am one of the early adopters and do not hesitate to risk. But perhaps it was just I could not find a way to en-cash it (locally).. So I totally gave up on that. Today it’s trading at $9000 and now there are plenty of ways to directly or indirectly en-cash it too. It’s particularly astonishing despite the MtGox fiasco. I had guessed it was the end of it. But it proved to be just a naive judgement.