October 26, 2019 Informative 266

What is the difference between a Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker

So let’s first begin with customs broker. A customs broker is licensed by the Government to handle the customs clearance of goods for their customers, it involves preparing goods declaration, paying duties and taxes according to tariff of that product on behalf of their customers, and finally getting it released from the customs and delivering the shipment to the customer.

On the other hand a freight forwarder or more precisely an international freight forwarder undertakes the job of handling international transportation of the goods from one country to another, using various modes of transport such as by land, by sea and by air. They are also responsible for preparing shipping documents such as Bill of Lading or Airway bill. Moreover, when requested by the customer, they also arrange the cargo insurance of the goods.

Normally both of these services are offered by a single company, nevertheless both are very different and specialised jobs, so therefore, some companies may only be offering either of these services.

Hope this would explain you the basic difference between a freight forwarder and customs broker.

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