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400+ Supply Chain Logistics Startups and Technology Companies

A most comprehensive list of 400+ Supply Chain Logistics Startups and Technology Companies.

Company Name Company URL Category/Industry
10 4 Trucking
1010data Information Technology and Services
123Loadboard Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
300cubits Blockchain
3PL Central Warehousing
6 River Systems Warehousing
aCommerce Internet
Advanced Voice Research Labs (AVRL) AI / Technology
Advent Intermodal Solutions Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Aera Enterprise Resource Planning
Aeriu Logistics Technology
Ag Shift Food Supply Chain
agFORCE Transport Services Logistics & Supply Chain
Agmark Logistics, LLC Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
AiDock Logistics Technology
AKUA Logistics & Supply Chain
Alien Sensors and Asset Trading Logistics Technology Logistics Technology
Altierre Sensors and Asset Trading
Anchanto Warehousing
Apeel Sciences Food Supply Chain
Aquifi Logistics Technology
Arena Enterprise Resource Planning
Arrive Logistics Logistics & Supply Chain
Arviem Logistics Technology
Atollogy Logistics Technology
Autobon AI Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
B2B Center Enterprise Resource Planning
Balyo Warehousing
Beemac Logistics Logistics & Supply Chain
Best Logistics E-Commerce Logistics
Bext360 Logistics Technology
Bionic Hive Logistics & Supply Chain
Bizslate Inventory Management
BlackBuck Logistics and Supply Chain
Blue Lightning Logistics Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Blue Marble Logistics Last Mile AV & Drones
BlueCargo Information Technology and Services
Bluwrap Food Supply Chain
Bossa Nova Robotics AI / Technology
Boxbot Last Mile AV & Drones
BoxC Logistics and Supply Chain
Boxologic Ecommerce Fulfillment
Brightpearl Enterprise Resource Planning
Bringg E-Commerce Logistics
Bringoz Logistics Technology
Bringsy Logistics Technology
BT9 Ltd. Reefer Technology
Buddytruk E-Commerce Logistics
BuildDirect Internet
Byrd Technologies E-commerce / Logistics Sensors and Asset Trading
Cainiao E-Commerce Logistics
Caja Systems Robotics
Carggo Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Cargo Chief Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Cargomatic Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
CargoX Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
CartaSense Technology
Celadon Group Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Celect Inventory Management
Centric Software‎ Enterprise Resource Planning
Chronicled Logistics Technology
Clause Logistics Technology
Clear Labs Food Supply Chain
Clear Metal Logistics Technology
Clearpath Robotics Warehousing
Cloudleaf Logistics Technology
Cogoport Digital Freight Shipping
CoLoadX › … Digital Freight Shipping
Commtrex Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
ContGuard Shipping with Intelligence Data Analytics
Convey E-Commerce Logistics
Convoy, Inc Logistics and Supply Chain
Coolfire Solutions Logistics Technology
Copia Food Logistics
Covenant Transport Services Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Curbside Supply Chain and Logistics
Cylus Rail Security
Darkstore Warehousing
DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. Logistics Technology
Datch Logistics Technology
Dawex Logistics Technology
Decisiv Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Delhivery E-Commerce Logistics
Deliv Last-Mile Delivery
DelivApp Delivery
Delivrd Logistics Technology
Deposco E-Commerce Logistics
dexFreight Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Digital Dispatch Logistics & Supply Chain
Digital Shipping Container Association Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Dispatch Logistics Technology
Doddle Returns / Logistics
Doorman Logistics & Supply Chain
Dorabot AI / Technology
Dray Alliance Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
DrayMaster Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Dronamics Aviation & Aerospace
Drop Off Last-Mile Delivery
Ducktrain Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Dunavant Enterprises Milestone Management, Warehousing/Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding, Chassis Leasing
Easy Post E-Commerce Logistics
Ecom Express E-Commerce Logistics
Ecomdash‎ Inventory Management
Edgybees AI / Technology
Efreightsolutions Logistics Technology
Einride Information Technology and Services
ElroyAir Logistics & Supply Chain
Embark Autonomous Trucking
Everoad (ex Convargo) Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Evertracker AI / Technology
Exelot Logistics & Supply Chain
Exostar Enterprise Resource Planning
Exotec Solutions Warehousing
EZ ELD Logistics Technology
Fabric Warehousing
FarEye E-Commerce Logistics
Fetch Logistics Warehousing
Fetch Robotics Warehousing
Fetchr Last-Mile Delivery
Fetchy Package/Freight Delivery
Filament Blockchain
FineEx E-Commerce Logistics
Fitter Logistics Technology
FIZYR Industrial Automation
Fleet Complete Logistics Technology
FleetLogistics Digital Freight Shipping
Fleetpanda Fleet Management / Logistics
FleetUp Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Flexe Warehousing
Flexport Digital Freight Shipping
Flirtey Last Mile AV & Drones
Flow Space Warehousing
Flytrex Delivery
FogHorn Systems, Inc AI / Technology
FoodLogiQ Blockchain
Formant Technology
FourKites Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
Fraight AI Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Freight Hub › … Digital Freight Shipping
Freight Solutions Freight & Supply Chain Visibility
FreightBro Logistics and Supply Chain
Freightera Logistics Technology
FreightFriend Logistics & Supply Chain
Freightos Digital Freight Shipping
FreightTrust Logistics Technology
Freightwalla Logistics Technology
FreightWatch Security & Investigations
FreightWaves Digital Freight Shipping
Full Circle TMS Logistics Technology
Full Harvest Food Supply Chain Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
G7 Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
GetPackage Delivery
Getvu Warehousing
Globatom Logistics & Supply Chain
Globe Tracker Information Technology and Services
Glovo Last-Mile Delivery
Go Jek Last-Mile Delivery
GOGOVAN Internet
Gold Farm Food Logistics
GoLorry Logistics Technology
Good Uncle Food Logistics
GRAB-IT Warehousing
Green Road Trucking
GreyOrange Warehousing
Grofers Last-Mile Delivery
Hanhaa Data Analytics
Happy Returns E-Commerce Logistics
Haven Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
Hive Box Last-Mile Delivery
HiveTracker Logistics & Supply Chain
Hopstack Logistics Technology
Hstar Technologies Robotics
HubLogix Information Technology & Services
Huochebang Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
I Am Robotics Warehousing
ICIX Blockchain
Idelic Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
InfoStream Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
InOrbit Robotics
Instadeep AI / Technology
Instafreight › … Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
InstaSupply Information Technology and Services
inthinc Trucking
IQMS Enterprise Resource Planning
Jackfruit Systems Logistics Technology
Kanga Logistics & Supply Chain
Katerra Enterprise Resource Planning
KeepTruckin Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Kenandy Logistics Technology
Keychain Logitics Logistics & Supply Chain
Kinetic Warehousing
Kodiak Autonomous Trucking
KoiReader Logistics & Supply Chain
Konexial Logistics Technology
K-Ratio Logistics Technology
Ladingo Logistics & Supply Chain
Lalamove Last-Mile Delivery
Lanetix Logistics Technology
Leaf Logistics Logistics & Supply Chain
Lean Staffing Solutions Logistics Outsourcing Services
LetsTransport Last-Mile Delivery
Liftians Robotics
LinkeDrive Logistics Technology
Loadsmart Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Local Motion Supply Chain and Logistics
Locix Logistics Technology
Locus E-Commerce Logistics
Log – Hub Logistics and Supply Chain
Loggi › Last-Mile Delivery
LogIndex Information Technology and Services
Loginext E-Commerce Logistics
Loginno Logistics & Supply Chain
LogistiView AI / Technology
Logixboard Logistics Technology
Macro Point Trucking
Magazino Industrial Automation
Magic, Inc. Logistics Technology
Mandae Technologies E-Commerce Logistics
Manning’s Truck Brokerage Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
MATTERNET Last Mile AV & Drones
Maven Machines Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Meta Pack E-Commerce Logistics
MileIQ Logistics Technology
Milezero Logistics & Supply Chain
MIR Warehousing
Modum Blockchain
Monolets Logistics Technology
Morpheus Network Logistics Technology
MPO E-Commerce Logistics
Naldo Last-mile Delivery
Narvar E-Commerce Logistics
Nautilus Labs Computer Software
New Dada Last-Mile Delivery
Next Trucking Logistics and Supply Chain
Nextail Inventory Management
NextQuestion AI / Technology
Ninja Van Last-Mile Delivery
Nomics Trucking
NortecView Data Analytics
Novicod Technology
Nulogy Enterprise Resource Planning
Nuro Last Mile AV & Drones
NXTJourney Trucking Equipment
NYSHEX › … Digital Freight Shipping
Oculogx Logistics Technology
ODYN Logistics Technology
Olimp Information Technology & Services
Olymtech Freight & Supply Chain Visibility
Omni-ID Sensors and Asset Trading AI / Technology
OneTrack.AI Logistics Technology
Onfleet Logistics Technology
Opinio Last-Mile Delivery Logistics Technology
Optoro Inventory Management AI / Technology
Packlink E-Commerce Logistics
Palletized Warehousing
Parcel Pending Last Mile Delivery
Parcel Point Last-Mile Delivery
Parsyl Logistics & Supply Chain
Peloton › AboutUs Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Peoplevox Warehousing
Pickingo Logistics and Supply Chain
Pickpack AI / Technology
PINC Solutions Yard Management / Logistics
Planet Technology
Platform Science Fleet Management / Logistics
Point PickUp Middle-Mile Delivery, Last-Mile Delivery, Same-Day Delivery
Postmaster Logistics & Supply Chain
Postmates Last-Mile Delivery
PowerTags Technology
Precyse Freight & Supply Chain Visibility
ProGlove Safety Products for Logistics and Manufacturing
Project Cosimo AI / Technology
Project44 Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
Provenance Blockchain
Qlarium Logistics & Supply Chain
Quantifind Technology
Quay Last-mile Delivery
Quicargo Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Quickli Package/Freight Delivery
Quickload Logistics Technology
Quiqup Logistics & Supply Chain
Rafay Systems Technology
RELEX Inventory Management
Remoov Recycling Service / Logistics
Revvo Technology
RFKeeper Technology / Inventory Management
Rickshaw Logistics & Supply Chain
Risk Methods Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
Rivigo Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Roadie Logistics Technology
Roambee Logistics & Supply Chain
Robby Technologies Robotics
Robo CV Warehousing
RootStock Enterprise Resource Planning
Routific Last-Mile Delivery
RPA Logistics Technology
Rsi Retail Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning
Sales Warp Inventory Management
Savi Sensors and Asset Trading
SCANDIT Sensors and Asset Trading
Schlep Package/Freight Delivery
SEEGRID Warehousing
Segment Information Technologies Data Analytics
Seldat Technology Services Logistics Technology
Sendle E-Commerce Logistics
Sentient Science Data Analytics
Sewio Warehousing
shadowfax Last-Mile Delivery
ShareLogi Warehousing Marketplace
ShareShipper Shipping Platform
Ship Hero‎ Warehousing
Shipamax Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
ShipBob E-Commerce Logistics
ShipChain Blockchain
Shipedge Inventory Management
Shiperd Logistics & Supply Chain
ShipHawk Information Technology & Services
Shippabo Digital Freight Shipping
Shippo E-Commerce Logistics
Shipsta Logistics and Supply Chain
Shipwell Logistics & Supply Chain
Shoof Technologies, Inc. Logistics Technology
Shotput Logistics and Supply Chain
Shutl Delivery
Shyp E-Commerce Logistics
Sight Machine Enterprise Resource Planning
SimpliRoute Logistics Technology
Sixfold Logistics and Supply Chain
Sku IQ Inventory Management
Sku Vault Warehousing
SkySafe Aviation & Aerospace Logistics Technology
SmartDrive Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
SnapSupport Last Mile Smart Remote assistance platform
Sontra Trucking
SoPick Delivery
Source Intelligence‎ Enterprise Resource Planning
Southie Autonomy Robotics
Spireon Technology
Stargo Logistics and Supply Chain
STARSHIP Last Mile AV & Drones
Starship Technologies Delivery
Starsky Robotics Autonomous Trucking
Steelwedge Enterprise Resource Planning
Stitchlabs Inventory Management
StrongArm Tech Technology
SUDU Logistics Technology
SuitX Technology
SwanLeap Logistics & Supply Chain
Takeoff Warehousing
Taulia Enterprise Resource Planning
TEGO Sensors/ Asset Tagging
Teleretail Information Technology and Services
Telogis Technology
Temando E-Commerce Logistics
ThingTech Technology
TNX Logistics Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Tomindu Logistics & Supply Chain
Tracktimize B2B / Enterprise / Logistics / Supply Chain / Transportation
Tradegecko Inventory Management
TradeLanes Logistics Technology
Tradeshift Enterprise Resource Planning
Transfix Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Transflo Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Transmetrics Computer Software
Transplace TMS, Transportation Management, Global Logistics, Supply Chain Solutions, Small and Medium Shippers, Intermodal Services,
Tri-logical Technology
Trinity Logistics Logistics & Supply Chain
Trucker Path Logistics & Supply Chain
Trucker Tools Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Truckload Carriers Association Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
TruckMap Logistics Technology
Trucknet Logistics Technology Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
True Load Time Logistics Technology
Turvo Logistics & Supply Chain
TuSimple Autonomous Trucking
Uber Freight Logistics and Supply Chain
Udelv Last Mile AV & Drones
Uship Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management
Varcode Logistics & Supply Chain
Vector Logistics Technology
Veho Package/Freight Delivery
Vekia Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
Veniam Freight & Supply Chain Visibility
Verusen AI / Technology
Vnomics Trucking Marketplace & Fleet Management Logistics Technology
Wave Technology
We4Sea Maritime
Weft Information Technology & Services
What3words Computer Software Technology
Windward Data Analytics
Winmore Logistics Technology
Wise Systems Logistics Technology
Xeneta Digital Freight Shipping
Xpressbees Logistics & Supply Chain
yourLTL Logistics & Supply Chain
Zama Food Logistics
Zencargo Logistics and Supply Chain
Zipline Last Mile AV & Drones
Zorroa AI / Technology
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