Introducing the new Snapchatpermalink

Android’s Camera API has existed for _literally years_ to take high-quality photos and these guys are still just taking a screenshot of the viewfinder and calling it a day. It’s been like this forever and Snap has refused to fix this. I have yet to come across any other app on Android that utilizes the camera this way. The photos are complete garbage.

And here they are, trying to add more ‘features’ into an app where its main feature has been inherently broken since inception.

edit: this post kinda blew up. to see a real side-by-side comparison,

I wonder if it has got to do with the pic size and bandwidth.. since they have never seemed to focus on Android. Due to a lot of low end devices .. that translates to no value for advertisers and their bottomline … ?? Also they ain’t an Instagram .. or a Flickr.. these are disappearing pics … meant to last few seconds,.. right ?? Or have I got this wrong?