March 15, 2020 Informative 696

How deadly is the coronavirus?

Comparing the 🦠coronavirus to Ebola and MERS is reassuring. But that doesn’t mean we can discount Covid-19 as being just like the flu. The current 3.4% mortality rate is 34x deadlier than the seasonal flu. Even the estimate of 1%, which takes into consideration unreported mild cases, means the virus is 10x more deadly. Could the coronavirus spread as widely as the flu? Yes, if it’s allowed to.

Mortality might be lower than the others, however the rate of transmission is so high which makes it more alarming, it will over exhaust supplies and doctors. And if that happened, more people might die due to the lack of health support and the mortality rate may exceed many other viruses 🦠

Credits: BloombergOpinion IG

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