April 30, 2020 General 428

Microsoft FY20 Q3 Resultspermalink

  • Microsoft Q3: revenue up 15% YoY to $35B, net income of $10.8B, up 22% YoY, Intelligent Cloud revenue of $12.3B, up 27%, LinkedIn revenue up 21%, Azure’s up 59%
  • Microsoft says Teams has 75M+ DAUs, up from 44M in mid-March, a 70% increase, and attributes the growth to COVID-19

Meanwhile in Redmond, Washington. Satya Nadella has some figures to share with you. He has always been very impressive even prior to rising to the title of CEO, and glad they got rid of Steve Ballmer, whose obsession with mobile was insanely manic. If you can never be good at something, admit it, move on and choose what you can do best.

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