Syria, Tomahawk and Lamborghini

Tomahawk = $1.4 million x 53 = $75 millions .. injuring 3 people. If indeed Assad had used chemicals.. I guess it deserved more atrocious damage to them than wasting $75 million to injure merely 3 people. It just appears to be a show-off to make a case that US is an egoist vigilante in the town. And nothing more. I meant it very strictly made sure no damage is actually caused.


Tomahawk    = 890 kmh
Boeing 777  = 950 kmh
Airbus A380 = 1020 kmh

If an airliner can be shoot down in a blink of an eye why not tomahawk? Yep it maintains a very low altitude and smaller in size but nothing impossible innit?

Speaking of Tomahawk that’s why everyone gives up on Afghanistan.. this missile costs $1.5 million, and the rock it’s going to hit would only few bucks. 😐 and there is a very good chance .. the rock may still be in a stable condition even after taking the hit. 🤭

I know most people won’t get it, how much $1.5 million is actually worth for, so I will lay it out for ya babes!

Lamborghini Huracan = $250,000 x 6 = $1.5 Million = 1x Tomahawk 😢😢

1x Tomahawk = 6x Lamborghini Huracan 😭😭😭

Sunday, April 15, 2018