Oh hi! for curious minds, I go by the name of Imran Jafri. I am an entrepreneur, I also love to learn and explore a bit of programming too, in particular i am very passionate about web design and user-experience (UX)., this does not happen to be my profession however.

As a kid I grew up learning Microsoft DOS, playing Mario, and chatting on IRC. By the time, I reached puberty and became even wiser, I started preferring Linux and Mac OS and never looked back.

This is my very personal space on the interwebz, here I’d randomly share my witty thoughts, to contribute towards humanity intellectual progress, that has been stalled since the invention of multimedia internet also known as social media further also known as facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat.

If you want to get personal and intimate, here is my email., however do not spam me. I don’t take it lightly.

          Imran Jafri
          Lahore, Pakistan