Hi! for curious minds, my name is Imran Jafri. I am an entrepreneur in international freight forwarding and licensed customs broker.

I work as a Director Business Development at Tron Global (Private) Limited – Pakistan. Primarily responsible for international agency and overseas business development, and monitoring day to day operations of the company pertaining to freight forwarding, customs clearance, and consolidation.

This is my very personal space on the internet, here I’d randomly share my thoughts regarding global trade, freight forwarding and third-party logistics (3PL) etc.

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          Imran Jafri
          Lahore, Pakistan


Disclaimer: All information is provided in good faith for guidance and reference purposes only. It is of a general informational and educational nature, and this blog takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Please note all opinions expressed here are solely of mine and may not reflect those of my employer.