February 22, 2021 General 598

260 containers lost, 65 damaged in Maersk Eindhoven at-sea mishappermalink

A.P. Møller – Maersk has confirmed 260 containers were lost overboard and an additional 65 damaged on the deck of the Eindhoven on Wednesday.

I guess a lot of people took ocean freight as easy as ordering a pizza, it’s cheap and the delivery guy arrives almost in time and has very low expectations for a tip. COVID changed everything. Pizza is delayed, even destroyed and you are paying $10000 tip.

April 28, 2020 General 923

Import General Manifest and Outbound Inbound Marketing

I rather find it strange that in US import air and sea manifest isn’t available publicly online1, in Pakistan every single import by air and sea is available online by Pakistan Customs. It’s a very crowded portal all FFs / Customs Brokers and their Tele Reps are busy calling customers right away the shipment lands into Pakistan by collecting data from there.. importers here are overwhelmed by phone calls and emails., its called import general manifest IGM and portal is updated on an hourly basis.

Exports data is tricky. It’s not available online. Having said that both imp-exp data ain’t so helpful. As it may seem.

As outbound marketing has lost its mojo long ago due to spam. It’s all about Inbound now. 90% customers we had acquired in the past 2 years were entirely through SERP organic ranking., and AdWords.

Even our 50k subscribers strong newsletter doesn’t help much. We now only send once a month at maximum just to keep the list from being stalled and avoid too many bounce back due to inactive email addresses. That doesn’t go well with anyone. Either MailChimp or SES.

A lot of email addresses become invalid due to people leaving etc even in a month., and if you don’t email in 2-4 months it easily breaches the allowed hard bounce limit of 0.5%  and risks account suspension.

1. The US Customs however provides the manifest data to Commercial Software Companies, who would sell it online for a subscription ranging from $100 to $250 per month.