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August 29, 2019 Informative 264 views

What is an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI)?

An ocean transportation intermediary (OTI) is a company that is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to operate in the United States as an ocean freight forwarder, non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), or both.   What is an OTI Bond? OTI bonds are required by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) from all ocean freight […]

August 20, 2019 Informative 210 views

EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburgpermalink

It is governed by a 1949 international convention. The headquarters of the airport’s operations are located in Blotzheim, France. The airport is located completely on French soil; however, it has a Swiss customs area connected to Basel by a 2.5 km (1.6 mi) long customs road, thus allowing air travelers access into Switzerland bypassing French […]

August 17, 2019 Informative 178 views

British Ton vs US Ton vs Metric Ton (Tonne)

British Ton US Ton Metric Ton 2240 lbs 2000 lbs 1000 kgs If the World of Metrics wasn’t already confusing enough for you, just look at below. The British ton is the long ton, which is 2240 pounds, and the U.S. ton is the short ton which is 2000 pounds. Both tons are actually defined […]

August 12, 2019 Informative 216 views

Boeing 747-400F (Freighter): Specification

Metric Imperial Maximum take-off weight 396 900 kg 875 000 lbs Maximum revenue payload 113 000 kg 249 000 lbs Dimensions Wing span 64,40 m 211 ft Height 19,40 m 63 ft Overall length 70,70 m 232 ft Cabin width (floor level) 5,90 m 19 ft Cabin length 56,40 m 185 ft Typical volume capacity […]