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December 11, 2018 | Tags:

a star in the sky

I was one of the stars in sky, I fell down and apart on earth.
I no longer shine, I am dull and pale.

November 11, 2018

Hate Crimepermalink


At least 10 people were killed in a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Federal authorities are treating it as a hate crime. NYT

I don’t wanna be a nitpicker, I clearly know the difference between, what is a terrorism and what is a hate crime. The media response would have been discriminately fear-mongering if the suspect was a Muslim. I know it can’t be defined as terrorism. But I am still not convinced either with their choice of words for a suspect who killed 10 people on the religious grounds.

October 28, 2018

Jamal Khoshoggi

According to the Saudi Govt, the demised Journalist was not killed, he just could not survive the interrogation. A mere unfortunate incident. To honor his corpse he would be permanently buried inside the consulate. It would also serve a purpose for any future suspect who is brought in for interrogation. As Trump would say ‘ after all he is gonna get 72 virgins in heaven so he had still got a good deal out of the ordeal.’

Honestly it’s disgraceful. and I must say, our own agencies might have killed a few journalists too. But still largely in 2018 press is free here. I am dumbfounded but not surprised, Trump is gonna buy Saudi Shi*t over this matter, and in the end this issue would disappear into oblivion forever.

October 17, 2018

A DHL Package from China

So everyone knows, I work 7 days of the week, and Sunday is no exception, so this morning I had received an email with a zip file. Honestly I am always very wary of opening of Zip files, you never know what is packed inside.

But it looked like a gentle email requesting our services to clear his DHL package that he had received from China. So I unzipped the file, and there were 7-8 docs inside., and then suddenly the description of goods caught my eye Bam! ‘silicon sexual toy’ .… and I kind of jumped out of my chair, and carefully observed the sender of the email, he looked like a 26 yo bloke working in a far far away factory, and he had given his room address. I could understand his pain, he perhaps got tired of watchin’ pr0n and fapping on his laptop screen, and now wanted the next level of fun., during those lonely-factory-night-shifts. But sadly we are a very modest company.

September 23, 2018

Impact of US – China Trade War on Vietnampermalink


If the tariffs are strictly restricted to China and do not affect the cross-border supply chain, Vietnamese exporters will be more competitive and will see an increase in demand for their products, especially textiles and garments.

Yeah I have been pondering over it, how this would effect the Vietnam exports, they are likely to have very competitive advantage and increase in the demand exponentially.

September 20, 2018

The Coaching Rule That Upset Serena Williams, Explainedpermalink


I hate to break it to you, but I don’t like activism at least in sports, we have media, literature, art and political rallies of all sorts to demonstrate that. Yes we are humans as a sportsman, but we should keep our motives out of it and instead entirely dedicate our efforts to recreation for the masses.

September 13, 2018

Skype rolls back redsignpermalink


I actually have been very critical of skype redesign and almost had ditched it since ever.

June 5 2018

I guess there is a fair skepticism over the acquisition. Despite they didn’t screw up linkedin yet. They however did ruin Skype, which was an enterprise instant messenger and wildly popular everywhere, and turned it into a cheap snapchat wanna-be clone. I guess there is a fair skepticism over the acquisition. Despite they didn’t screw up linkedin yet.

September 5, 2018

B2B vs B2C Marketing

So this weekend, I’ve been pondering over, which kind of marketing is more difficult .. since we are a B2B .. or business to business service provider, so I have no clue how B2C works, but apparently it looks like consumer marketing is very easy … shinny colors, catchy phrases, emotional and viral content … that’s all …

whereas B2B marketing is really tricky … despite that on the other side there are still humans who are making decisions, but they are rather making a business decision to choose our services and a lot of thought goes into that process.

I guess a good B2B marketing is all about building trust and ensuring … that you will deliver on your promises and take the responsibility for your product or services.

And the most common mediums of B2B marketing are of course advertisement ..’ targeted ‘ Adwords campaigns, SEM is as important as SEO, Content Marketing very vital too, and Email Marketing (bit tricky but avoid sending too many nevertheless do send them at regular intervals) … remember the old saying, out of sight … out of mind … so never ever be out of sight … be there … make your presence known … keep showing up … keep knocking .. but do not be annoying in the process.

August 26, 2018

Technical Skills Vs Visionary

Ironically, Steve Jobs didn’t have technical skills neither in Industrial Design nor Software coding, But he was gifted with an exceptional ability to distinguish what is ugly, good, better and the best.

He would keep asking Jony, kid! could you make it better. and then, is it the best you can do? …

compared that to Bill Gates, the ‘Chief Architecture’ of the Microsoft Windows, handed coded, perhaps billion upon billion lines of code himself, But he never had a good understanding what is a Good Design and User-Experience.. very mediocre in his skills of perceiving it.

Also Steve had a prophetic 6th sense, to accurately predict the near future trends. Gates lol, took 10 years to catch up with Gmail, remember ‘hotmail’ … which has changed as many domains and sign-ins gateways as there are stars in the universe, and yet no one in their right mind uses it …

When Gmail was offering 1 Gb space in the early days of ‘cloud’ storage, Hotmail still capped it at 10 mb., and could not predict the near future trends.

So moral of the story, being visionary is more important than technical skills., I don’t wanna undermine its importance too. But one can hire technical folks, but being visionary is solely the result of in-depth knowledge, attention to details and god-gifted too.

August 19, 2018