November 26, 2020 General 14

Be a big fish in a small pond.

While I can’t emphasize enough the importance of skills and hardwork. However skills, talent and hardwork can only do so much. For instance, if you want to step into a big niche, like building may-god-forbid an Uber rival, it just requires more than talent and it’s called ‘Money’.

So I can only advise based on my personal experience, smaller niches, have a greater opportunity of success, and once you have made enough, you can actually take a shot at even bigger niches. But for the sake of anything you worship, It should not be Uber, Facebook or Amazon ..

This is a very general advise, regardless of one’s individual circumstances, environment, and geo-location that play a greater role in one’s success and I just didn’t want to undermine the significance of these critical factors.

November 17, 2020 General 207

Mark Zuckerburg

Hmm well, there isn’t particularly anything pertinent to talk about Zuck, except for, in the past decade, if you had observed Google, Microsoft and Apple really didn’t face an existential threat. Yet this kid is facing an obliteration every two years. He has not only stayed relevant but also stayed ahead of his game.

Facebook definitely feels dated in 2020, but he has set the bar too high, that there is no room for a long-form-proper social network. The short form social networks such as twitter, whatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok are not directly comparable to the kind of social network Facebook is, however as we know it, he has maintained domination., In short-form-social-networks, by all means. He is a good character to study, if you are in a business that faces existential threat in a period of every few years.

November 14, 2020 General 183

Affordable Luxury

Affordable Luxury, I couldn’t imagine buying a $1100 phone, I guess no-one did, back in the day, unless you were a rich freight forwarder., When Nokia and Blackberry still ruled the consumer and enterprise class of customers. However, what Apple did was, create a new ‘class’ of luxury phone, that was expensive yet affordable. People would buy it not because they were just rich freight forwarders, but out of their necessity and satisfactory user-experience.

It’s not like Apple deliberately created a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. User experience on high-end Blackberry and their Nokia equivalent was anything but satisfactory, I did use twitter on Nokia’s ‘Symbian OS’ but we all know it wasn’t even remotely joyous experience.

So here is the conclusion, if you can create an affordable luxury, that offers users convenience as well as satisfactory user-experience, consumers definitely are going to shell out more money for it.


November 13, 2020 General 205

Tron Global Introduction

TRON® is the leading and versatile freight forwarder in Pakistan Since 1980, offering a variety of services, including Air-Sea Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Logistics, Warehousing, Buyers Consolidation, DDP etc. We have offices at Lahore, Sialkot, and Karachi, the commercial hubs of Pakistan, and a warehousing facility at Port Qasim, Karachi.

Our roots in this industry dates back to 1980, started as a customs clearing company. Which over the time has gone through organic growth, resulting in the foundation of freight forwarding division in the year 1998. Ultimately, this business was incorporated under the name and title of ‘Tron Global Private Limited’.

We are among the very a few companies in Pakistan that have as deep roots in this industry as we do. This is because, there are very a few companies around that have gone through the same business cycle of growth as we did. It won’t be an overstatement, that we are among the two or three companies here, who are as professional in customs brokerage as are in freight and logistics. Customs Clearance is one of the most technical and uphill tasks in Pakistan, due to excessive taxation and complex customs duty structure.

Please visit us at for more details.

November 8, 2020 General 232

1st Million Dollar

Let’s tune your brainwaves to mine. Earning a Million Dollar, is all about skills, talent, and hardwork. Whereas earning a Billion Dollar, is the result of one’s fortunate circumstances., So I truly drive my inspiration from self-made millionaires. And for that matter Billionaires as well, because they actually made their 1st Million Dollar too.

November 7, 2020 Statistics 289

China's Top Exports

At the more granular four-digit HTS code level, the following table displays 100 of the most in-demand goods shipped from the People’s Republic during 2019. Shown beside each product label is its total export value then the percentage increase or decrease since 2018.

These 100 exported goods were worth a subtotal of US$1.7 trillion or 68% by value for all products exported from China during 2019.

In macroeconomic terms, China’s total exported goods represent 9.1% of its overall Gross Domestic Product for 2019 ($27.309 trillion valued in Purchasing Power Parity US dollars). That 9.1% for exports to overall GDP per PPP in 2019 compares to 9.9% for 2018. This seems to indicate a relatively decreasing reliance on products sold on international markets for China’s total economic performance albeit based on short timeframe.

Another key indicator of a country’s economic performance is its unemployment rate. China’s average unemployment rate was 3.8% for 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund.


November 2, 2020 Statistics 633

The World’s Top 10 Economies

Here are the world’s top 10 economies, which together combine for a whopping two-thirds of global GDP.

% of Global GDP
United States
$19.4 trillion
$12.2 trillion
$4.87 trillion
$3.68 trillion
United Kingdom
$2.62 trillion
$2.60 trillion
$2.58 trillion
$2.06 trillion
$1.93 trillion
$1.65 trillion

November 2, 2020 General 214

Asteroid: Psyche

tldr; if you can grab this astroid in our solar system, you could be billion times richer than the entire economy of earth. It’s worth $10,000 quadrillion, whereas the entire world economy is equal to $80 Trillion. Read below.

Asteroid: Psyche

1. 16 Psyche is a massive metal-rich M-type asteroid located in the asteroid belt between the two planets Mars and Jupiter.

2. Psyche was discovered on March 17, 1852 by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis.

3. The asteroid has a mean diameter of about 226 km, an escape velocity of ~180 m/s and a rotation period of about 4.196 hours.

4. At its closest point to the Sun, the Perihelion, Psyche is 2.513 AU (AU = Astronomical Unit (1 AU = 150 million km)) from the star and at its furthest point, the Aphelion, 3.328 AU. The asteroid needs 4.99 years for one orbit around its parent star.

5. Psyche contains about 1% of the mass of the entire asteroid belt and is most likely the exposed iron-nickel core of a protoplanet.

6. On January 4, 2017, NASA approved the development and construction of the Psyche spacecraft, which will be launched to the asteroid in July 2022 on a Falcon Heavy rocket.

7. Psyche will arrive at 16 Psyche in January 2026 and will study the asteroid for 21 months.

November 2, 2020 Informative 335

Punjab, Pakistan

For what it’s worth, all the 6 provinces, are ethnically divided, each province has its own distinguished native language that can not be understood by another., as well as are diverse in the local culture. However, most of the younger generation across these provinces (Millennium+) speak Urdu and English and share a common Pakistani culture influenced by the west in the urban areas.

November 1, 2020 General 230

Maersk in deal to provide global logistics to deliver Covid vaccine for Covaxxpermalink

Although several airlines have announced plans to be ready to transport an expected vaccine, Maersk is the first shipping line to proactively prepare for what has been described as the biggest product launch in history.

Very well, I am already considering to take circus and standup comedy classes, just in case the freight forwarding industry is wiped out as we know it.