Being Critical

I just gave a below advise to one of my cyber pupils at HN.

and always remember, if one is being ‘critical’, it does not make them ‘right’ too., yep listen to it carefully, but do not assume they are right ‘automatically’.

Vultr introduces $2.50/mo planpermalink

Sandbox Plan for $2.50: Our most affordable way to try out cloud computing, this plan features 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD disk storage. This is perfect for test-driving your next application before upgrading to production level specifications.

Actually very smart of them, beating the competition as well as setting 2 x $2.50 VPS limits per account. But I’d still want to give them credit, for allowing students or amateur the chance to try out a Cloud VPS., and learn the basic of Linux and managing a VPS at their own.

America has a big problem: Middle-aged men who refuse to grow uppermalink

My lawyers are very much convinced, that it’s a direct, personal attack on me.

Moving to Digital Oceanpermalink

Hold your horses bitches!! We are moving to Digital Ocean. #VPS #CloudHost