The Coaching Rule That Upset Serena Williams, Explainedpermalink

I hate to break it to you, but I don’t like activism at least in sports, we have media, literature, art and political rallies of all sorts to demonstrate that. Yes we are humans as a sportsman, but we should keep our motives out of it and instead entirely dedicate our efforts to recreation for the masses.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Skype rolls back redsignpermalink

I actually have been very critical of skype redesign and almost had ditched it since ever.

June 5 2018

I guess there is a fair skepticism over the acquisition. Despite they didn’t screw up linkedin yet. They however did ruin Skype, which was an enterprise instant messenger and wildly popular everywhere, and turned it into a cheap snapchat wanna-be clone. I guess there is a fair skepticism over the acquisition. Despite they didn’t screw up linkedin yet.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

B2B vs B2C Marketing

So this weekend, I’ve been pondering over, which kind of marketing is more difficult .. since we are a B2B .. or business to business service provider, so I have no clue how B2C works, but apparently it looks like consumer marketing is very easy … shinny colors, catchy phrases, emotional and viral content … that’s all …

whereas B2B marketing is really tricky … despite that on the other side there are still humans who are making decisions, but they are rather making a business decision to choose our services and a lot of thought goes into that process.

I guess a good B2B marketing is all about building trust and ensuring … that you will deliver on your promises and take the responsibility for your product or services.

And the most common mediums of B2B marketing are of course advertisement ..’ targeted ‘ Adwords campaigns, SEM is as important as SEO, Content Marketing very vital too, and Email Marketing (bit tricky but avoid sending too many nevertheless do send them at regular intervals) … remember the old saying, out of sight … out of mind … so never ever be out of sight … be there … make your presence known … keep showing up … keep knocking .. but do not be annoying in the process.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Technical Skills Vs Visionary

Ironically, Steve Jobs didn’t have technical skills neither in Industrial Design nor Software coding, But he was gifted with an exceptional ability to distinguish what is ugly, good, better and the best.

He would keep asking Jony, kid! could you make it better. and then, is it the best you can do? …

compared that to Bill Gates, the ‘Chief Architecture’ of the Microsoft Windows, handed coded, perhaps billion upon billion lines of code himself, But he never had a good understanding what is a Good Design and User-Experience.. very mediocre in his skills of perceiving it.

Also Steve had a prophetic 6th sense, to accurately predict the near future trends. Gates lol, took 10 years to catch up with Gmail, remember ‘hotmail’ … which has changed as many domains and sign-ins gateways as there are stars in the universe, and yet no one in their right mind uses it …

When Gmail was offering 1 Gb space in the early days of ‘cloud’ storage, Hotmail still capped it at 10 mb., and could not predict the near future trends.

So moral of the story, being visionary is more important than technical skills., I don’t wanna undermine its importance too. But one can hire technical folks, but being visionary is solely the result of in-depth knowledge, attention to details and god-gifted too.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Freight Forwarding Industry Just Need More Tech

Microsoft Outlook is the worst thing ever happened to the freight forwarding industry … coupled by the invention of a USB stick, peeps back up their emails on a USB even in 2018 …. an entire morning is ruined, because the POP server won’t deliver emails. Frenetic calls are made to the 1-Man-Army-Web-Hosting-Shop … who has been hosting 1000s of websites on a single shared web hosting account.

I guess part of the reason, why freight forwarding industry globally at an SME level lacks web based software and tech, is that to become an ‘expert’ it does not require very high qualification, anyone who can read and type emails.. can be an expert in a span of 2-3 years .. it also happens to be very lucrative, for less qualified middle class individuals.

Highly qualified individuals very rarely choose this industry, because it’s immensely hectic and stressful. So therefore only less qualified individuals stick around… having said that, more qualified folks have very higher chance of career growth in a lesser period of time. If they are able to take stress and pains of this industry.

Sales folks make a lot of money, most of them got elevated from a peon level … but they are making more money than a more qualified person in another industry …

I had only accidentally got into this business at the age of 17, because my father who ran this business, at the time, had badly needed my assistance, and I was the eldest among my siblings… I was only ambitious to be a ‘cricketer’ and play for the national team… however.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Email subject

Folks! I can’t emphasize enough 😐  .. email subject is the most sacred space on the whole worldwide web or wwww .. a lot of of ‘important’ emails get buried under the mountain of threads and loops because their subject is ‘shipment inquiry’ or ‘shipment from China’ when you are coping with hundreds of emails on a daily basis, it’s more likely you are going to prioritise emails by their subject.

An email with a subject ‘shipment ID number from China by Customer Name shipment Mode shipment weight volume’ is going to get more attention than merely ‘shipment from China’ I always strive to properly format the subject to help myself., Because I know once it becomes a ‘thread’ everyone is going to follow its subject first typed.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hidden Profits

Phuck! Gonna shell out $6000 for a one and half month of container detention 😑, I doubt phucking 🚢 Maersk makes that much off a single container in a whole year. Container Detention is the hidden Gross Profit in a balance sheet.

Ironically the container itself would cost much lower than this. 😐 I guess it’s about time all freight forwarders should transform into a container line NVOCC and grab these profits for themselves., and use these 🚢 steamship lines as a glorified ferry service.

It would require a bit of initial capital investment for licensing and container leasing but I am sure in the 3rd World countries where Customs are overly strict on imports, hence would take much longer in the clearance process, ROI would be 500%, Esp., on the shorter transit times routes.

Oh wait. It’s actually already happening.. freight for an FCL from Dubai to Karachi is hilariously $5 per 20’ and has only 3 days TTime. And an NVOCC makes money off the container detention averaging at $50 to $80 per day.

Monday, July 16, 2018

What Elon Musk Should Learn From the Thailand Cave Rescuepermalink

Success of a ‘PR STUNT’ primarily depends on its viral reach as well as ability to keep the press engaged for as longer period of time as possible. And it has ticked mark the both boxes.

I’m not implying an entrepreneur in the ranks of Musk, would be dependent on that. He is just reckless like most of the self made billionaires. I applaud his efforts regardless of that.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday Top Urgent Emails and World Cup Final

Am I the only one, who writes emails with ‘TOP URGENT’ in the subject on Sunday to ruin people’s weekend.. I sent at least 6 today. I couldn’t hang out and was locked in my room, so basically I had nothing better to do.

Also congratulations 🇫🇷 France. Despite I guess 🇭🇷 Croatia has had almost 70% possession during both halves, but they were unable to make good moves .. demonstrating a bit lack of strategy. Nevertheless it’s remarkable for a country whose population is the size of my neighborhood, making it to the Finals. Well Played.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Lion, Batman and Natural Selection

Science or in particular Biology is not in the business of proving or negating God, it’s just been trying hard to piece together the puzzle of our existence through another riddle called ‘Evolution Theory’. Every now and then we keep learning they have found another missing piece, that would raise even further questions about our ancestors.

I am not gonna lecture you on this absurd stuff, I have little to no interest in biology, I am a batman,. I rather contemplate and then render my strong opinions and sometime even take action on them.

Anyhow, a friend of mine, happens to own a lion, a grown up pet lion. And I have always cherished a pet lion of my own. But here is a little problem. I am a coward. Before you laugh your arses off, Hey! Who isn’t … anyhow, so it was a setback, and I inadvertently made a wish to ‘evolution’ why Lion could not have the natural instincts of a ‘Lamb’ or a ‘Horse’ …  so I would have comfortably adopted it., and riding it all day long without wetting my pants.

So today during the morning shower, I was contemplating the coincidence between the lion’s physical appearance and its natural instincts. Which are both awful. He is the worst predator and he looks like one. That’s why people generally call him the ‘King of the Animals’ due to his majestic physical appearance as well as being the strongest predator. So let’s chalk it up to ‘natural selection’?

Saturday, June 30, 2018