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EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburgpermalink


EuroAirport is one of the few airports in the world operated jointly by two countries, in this case France and Switzerland. It is governed by a 1949 international convention. The headquarters of the airport’s operations are located in Blotzheim, France. The airport is located completely on French soil; however, it has a Swiss customs area connected to Basel by a 2.5 km (1.6 mi) long customs road, thus allowing air travelers access into Switzerland bypassing French customs clearance. The airport is operated via a state treaty established in 1946 wherein the two countries (Switzerland and France) are granted access to the airport without any customs or other border restrictions. The airport’s board has 8 members each from France and Switzerland and two advisers from Germany.

This airport has three different IATA airport codes: BSL (Basel) is the Swiss code, MLH (Mulhouse) is the French code and EAP (EuroAirport) is the neutral code.

And It could possibly have four, if Germany had wanted to assign it of their own too. Normally all airports are assigned a single IATA airport code.

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Ocean Carrier SCAC Code List

Carrier Name (Abbreviated) Carrier Name SCAC code
ACL Atlantic Container Line ACLU
Alianca Alianca ANRM
AML Alaska Marine Lines AKMR
ANL Australia National Line ANNU
APL American President Lines APLU
Arkas Arkas Container Transport S.A. ARKU
ARRC Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers Inc AROF
Bahri Bahri / National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia NSAU
BCL Bermuda Container Line BCLU
CGL Central Gulf Lines, Inc CEGL
CCNI Compagnia Chilena de Navigacion Interoceanica SA CNIU
CHIPOLBROK Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company CPJQ
CMA CGM Compagnie Maritime d Affretement Compagnie Generale Maritime CMDU
CNC Line Cheng Lie Navigation Co.,Ltd 11DX
COSCO COSCO Container Lines COSU
Crowley Crowley CMCU/CAMN
CSAV Compania Sud Americana de Vapores CHIW
CSAV Norasia CSAV Norasia NSLU
CSCL China Shipping Container Lines Co CHNJ
Delmas Delmas DAAE
Dole Dole Ocean Cargo Express DOLQ
Ecuadorian Line Ecuadorian Line EQLI
Eimskip Eimskip EIMU/EIMW
Emirates Emirates Shipping Line ESPU
Eukor Eukor EUKO
Evergreen Evergreen Line EGLV
FESCO Far Eastern Shipping Company FESO
GAL Galborg GFAL
Grieg Star Grieg Star Shipping ACSU
Grimaldi Grimaldi GRIU
GSL Gold Star Line Ltd. GSLU
GWF Great White Fleet UBCU
GES Great Eastern Shipping Inc. GESC
Hapag Lloyd Hapag Lloyd Container Line HLCU
HMM Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. HDMU
Hoegh Hoegh Autoliners HUAU
Horizon Horizon Lines HRZU
Hyde Shipping Hyde Shipping HYDU
ICL Independent Container Line IILU
IMC Industrial Maritime Carriers (Intermarine) IDMC
Interocean Lines Interocean Lines INOC
K Line Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. KKLU
King Ocean King Ocean Services KOSL
KMTC Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. KMTU
Libra Companhia Libra de Navegacao CLIB
LGL Liberty Global Logistics, LLC LGLT
Linea Messina Linea Messina LMCU
Maersk Maersk Line MAEU
Marfret Marfret Compagnie Maritime MFTU
Maruba Maruba MRUB
Matson Matson MATS
MCC MCC Transport Pte. Ltd. MCCQ
MISC Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad MISC
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company MSCU
NDS Nile Dutch Africa Line NIDU
Neptune Neptune Shipping Line NOSU
Nordana Nordana Line NODA
Ocean Network Express Ocean Network Express (ONE Line) ONEY
OOCL Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. OOLU
PHT Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines PSHI
PIL Pacific International Lines PCIU
PL Polynesia Line PLLU
Rickmers Line Rickmers Linie RCKI
Safmarine Safmarine SAFM
Sallaum Sallaum Lines SLAQ
SAM Samskip, Inc. SKII
SCI The Shipping Coporation of India Ltd. SCIU
Seaboard Marine Seaboard Marine SMLU
SeaFreight SeaFreight Line SEFN
Seago Seago Line SEJJ
Siem Car Siem Car Carriers AS SCYE
Sinokor Sinokor Merchant Marine Co.,Ltd SKLU
Swire Swire Shipping CHVW
TS Thorco Shipping THZS
TSC TOHO Shipping Co., Ltd TOHO
Turkon Turkon Line Inc TRKU
UAL Universal Africa Lines UALC
WEC West European Container Lines WECU
Westwood Westwood Shipping Lines WWSU
WHL Wan Hai Lines 22AA
WLS World Logistics Service (USA) Inc WDLS
WWL Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics WLWH
YML Yang Ming Line YMLU
ZIM ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd ZIMU
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Maersk Interim Report Q2 2019permalink


“Maersk delivers a 17% increase in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) to USD 1.4 bn in Q2 compared to the same quarter last year. Revenue grew slightly to USD 9.6bn, which is on par with last year, and the underlying profit increased to USD 134m from USD 15m in Q2 2018.”

Maersk Interim Report Q2 2019 3.2MB


Ocean (USD Million) Q2 2019 Vs Q2 2018
2019 2018
Revenue 7,150 6,952
EBITDA 1,068 856
CAPEX 314 549

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British Ton vs US Ton vs Metric Ton (Tonne)

British Ton US Ton Metric Ton
2240 lbs 2000 lbs 1000 kgs

If the World of Metrics wasn’t already confusing enough for you, just look at below.

The British ton is the long ton, which is 2240 pounds, and the U.S. ton is the short ton which is 2000 pounds.

Both tons are actually defined in the same way. 1 ton is equal to 20 hundredweight. It is just the definition of the hundredweight that differs between countries. In the U.S. there are 100 pounds in the hundredweight, and in Britain there are 112 pounds in the hundredweight. This causes the actual weight of the ton to differ between countries.

To distinguish between the two tons, the smaller U.S. ton is called short, while the larger British ton is called long.

There is also an third type of ton called the metric ton, equal to 1000 kilograms, or approximately 2204 pounds. The metric ton is officially called tonne. The SI standard calls it tonne, but the U.S. Government recommends calling it metric ton.

Source www.onlineconversion.com


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Top 35 Ocean Carriers 2019

In terms of number of teus and vessels operated by the carriers.

1 APM-Maersk 3,524,325 714
2 Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) 3,086,793 515
3 COSCO Group 2,487,510 479
4 CMA CGM Group 1,799,358 507
5 Hapag-Lloyd 1,501,838 220
6 ONE (Ocean Network Express) 1,045,750 224
7 Evergreen Line 677,703 204
8 Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. 585,078 103
9 PIL (Pacific Int. Line) 553,048 138
10 Hyundai M. M. 544,504 75
11 Zim 541,100 82
12 Wan Hai Lines 368,620 97
13 IRISL Group 367,249 50
14 KMTC 357,267 67
15 Antong Holdings (QASC) 341,746 115
16 X-Press Feeders Group 232,579 83
17 Zhonggu Logistics Corp. 160,427 98
18 SITC 125,468 83
19 SM Line Corp. 98,747 22
20 TS Lines 94,387 38
21 Arkas Line/EMES 93,769 43
22 Sinotrans 84,737 39
23 Sinokor 74,712 46
24 Salam PacificIndonesia Lines 71,408 53
25 Emirates Shipping Line 67,417 10
26 RCL (Regional Container Line) 66,199 30
27 Grimaldi (Napoli) 53,069 39
28 UniFeeder 52,221 41
29 Swire Shipping 51,549 26
30 Matson 46,274 24
31 Heung-A Shipping 46,227 37
32 Swire Shipping 43,746 29
33 Emirates Shipping Line 43,710 9
34 Matson 43,310 26
35 RCL (Regional Container Line) 42,416 23
Source alphaliner.axsmarine.com


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Boeing 747-400F (Freighter): Specification

Metric Imperial
Maximum take-off weight 396 900 kg 875 000 lbs
Maximum revenue payload 113 000 kg 249 000 lbs
Wing span 64,40 m 211 ft
Height 19,40 m 63 ft
Overall length 70,70 m 232 ft
Cabin width (floor level) 5,90 m 19 ft
Cabin length 56,40 m 185 ft
Typical volume capacity
Main Deck 610,1 m3 21645 ft3
Lower compartments (bellies) 130,3 m3 4601 ft3
Bulk 14,7 m3 520 ft3

The 747-400F (Freighter) is an all freight version of the 747-400. While using the updated systems and wing design of the passenger versions, it features the original short upper deck found on the classic 747s to reduce weight. The 747-400F has a maximum takeoff weight of 875,000 pounds (396,890 kg) and a maximum payload of 274,100 pounds (124,330 kg). The -400F can be easily distinguished from the passenger -400 by its shorter upper-deck hump and lack of windows along the main deck.

The model’s first flight was on May 4, 1993, and entered service with Cargolux on November 17, 1993. Major customers included Atlas Air, Cargolux, China Airlines, Korean Air, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Polar Air Cargo, and Singapore Airlines.

The 747-400F has a main deck nose door and a mechanized cargo handling system. The nose door swings up so that pallets or containers up to 40 ft (12 m) can be loaded straight in on motor-driven rollers. An optional main deck side cargo door (like the 747-400M Combi) allows loading of dimensionally taller cargo modules. A lower deck (“belly”) side door allows loading of unit load devices (ULD) up to 163 cm in height. Boeing delivered 126 Boeing 747-400F aircraft with no unfilled orders as of November 2009. The last -400F was delivered to Nippon Cargo Airlines on August 2, 2008.

A 2008 747-400F value new was $101 million, a 2003 aircraft was leased $400,000 per month in 2019 for a $29 million value while a B747-400BCF was priced at around $10 million.

Source en.wikipedia.org
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DSV + Panalpina Merger Stats FY2018

DSV can’t hold its breath to takeover Panalpina which significantly is going to boost their airfreight volume to 1.5 Million tons per year. They are planning to complete the takeover in Q3 instead of Q4 as previously reported.

DSV Panalpina
Employees 47,400 14,500
Annual Turnover US$ B $11.86 $5.85
Airfreight (Tonnes) 689,000 1,039,000
Sea Freight (TEU) 1,442,000 1,484,000
Road Freight (turnover) US$ B $4.68 $0.29
Logistics Centers (m2) 5,500,000 500,000

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Top 20 Importing Countries 2019

Rank Country Imports (billions of USD)
1 USA $2,409.38
2 China $1,960.29
3 Germany $1,217.39
4 Japan $822.25
5 United Kingdom $682.92
6 France $679.20
7 Hong Kong $600.61
8 Netherlands $586.76
9 South Korea $525.51
10 Canada $474.90
11 Italy $471.69
12 India $460.41
13 Belgium $451.12
14 Mexico $411.58
15 Singapore $366.25
16 Spain $355.95
17 Russia $308.00
18 Chinese Taipei $274.03
19 United Arab Emirates $262.00
20 Turkey $242.18

Saturday, August 10, 2019 Statistics

Top 50 Airfreight Forwarders 2019

Update: DSV is going to leapfrog all the way from No. 8 to 3rd Now. After their merger with Panalpina.

Kuehne + Nagel Inc.: 1.7 M tonnes (2nd)
DSV + Panalpina    : 1.6 M tonnes (3rd post-merger)
Rank 2019 Company Headquarters Metric Tons
1 DHL Supply Chain Germany 2,150,000
2 Kuehne + Nagel Inc. Switzerland 1,743,000
3 DB Schenker USA Germany 1,377,000
4 Panalpina Inc. Switzerland 1,038,700
5 Expeditors International of Washington United States 1,011,563
6 UPS Supply Chain Solutions United States 935,300
7 Nippon Express Co. Japan 899,116
8 DSV Air & Sea Ltd. Denmark 689,045
9 Bollore Logistics France 640,700
10 Kintetsu World Express Japan 580,228
11 Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Germany 578,007
12 Sinotrans Ltd. China 533,300
13 Ceva Logistics Switzerland 476,600
14 Apex Logistics International United States 430,000
15 Agility Logistics Switzerland 415,000
16 Kerry Logistics Network Hong Kong 409,127
17 Yusen Logistics Japan 368,198
18 Geodis France 357,024
19 Crane Worldwide Logistics United States 337,300
20 Dachser SE Germany 335,500
21 NNR Global Logistics Japan 315,011
22 Hitachi Transport System Japan 300,000
23 FedEx Logistics United States 276,400
24 Pilot Freight Services United States 230,000
25 C.H. Robinson Worldwide United States 225,000
26 Dimerco Express Group Taiwan 224,100
27 EFL Sri Lanka 196,875
28 Logwin Logistics Germany 180,000
29 Damco International The Netherlands 176,000
30 Cargo-Partner Austria 173,247
31 Trinity Logistics USA United States 156,200
32 AWOT Global China 141,766
33 Mainfreight Ltd. New Zealand 127,174
34 Toll Global Forwarding Australia 106,600
35 Nissin Corp. Japan 100,000
36 Beijing Harmony Shipping & Fowarding Agent Co. China 100,000
37 TransGroup Global Logistics United States 86,000
38 BDP International United States 76,000
39 OIA Global United States 75,000
40 XPO Logistics Inc. United States 72,600
41 Seko Logistics United States 70,000
42 Imperial Logistics South Africa 53,660
43 CJ Logistics South Korea 53,575
44 Mallory Alexander International Logistics United States 50,000
45 BEL International Logistics Ltd. Hong Kong 50,000
46 APL Logistics Singapore 47,135
47 Scanwell Logistics United States 40,000
48 Shanghai Hengrong International Transportation China 40,000
49 Sankyu Inc. Japan 38,756
50 Cargo Services Far East Ltd. Hong Kong 31,000

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