I’ll steal you in a broad daylight,
in front of everyone.

I am a Batman,
I obey no rules when in love or at war.

Syria, Tomahawk and Lamborghini

Tomahawk = $1.4 million x 53 = $75 millions .. injuring 3 people. If indeed Assad had used chemicals.. I guess it deserved more atrocious damage to them than wasting $75 million to injure merely 3 people. It just appears to be a show-off to make a case that US is an egoist vigilante in the town. And nothing more. I meant it very strictly made sure no damage is actually caused.


Tomahawk    = 890 kmh
Boeing 777  = 950 kmh
Airbus A380 = 1020 kmh

If an airliner can be shoot down in a blink of an eye why not tomahawk? Yep it maintains a very low altitude and smaller in size but nothing impossible innit?

Speaking of Tomahawk that’s why everyone gives up on Afghanistan.. this missile costs $1.5 million, and the rock it’s going to hit would only few bucks. 😐 and there is a very good chance .. the rock may still be in a stable condition even after taking the hit. 🤭

I know most people won’t get it, how much $1.5 million is actually worth for, so I will lay it out for ya babes!

Lamborghini Huracan = $250,000 x 6 = $1.5 Million = 1x Tomahawk 😢😢

1x Tomahawk = 6x Lamborghini Huracan 😭😭😭


I am a fire
I will set you ablaze
You will burn to ashes

Let’s try
I am a light
I will immerse you
You will never escape


WikiTribune is a wiki based news sharing website, by the Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales 

I don’t get its point at least as yet. Wikipedia works because there wasn’t a free sober extensive alternative available., on the contrary, there are billions of way to get news and authentic ones too. So I don’t see the point as yet. The blogging tried to revolutionize the citizen journalism., later on Twitter and the latest failed attempt was Medium1, at the end of the day, it’s painfully time-consuming and physically tiresome with little to no rewards. Comparing it to Wikipedia is comparing Apples to Oranges.

1. Why Medium Failed to Disrupt the Media

Google's leadership profoundly betrayed the longtime personal trust and friendship of Apple's leadership in stealing what Steve Jobs believed were Apple's most prized possessions.permalink

The simple answer is Google’s leadership profoundly betrayed the longtime personal trust and friendship of Apple’s leadership in stealing what Steve Jobs believed were Apple’s most prized possessions. The fuller answer is below, in a telling timeline of the once exceptionally-close Apple-Google relationship.

In an explosive new allegation, a renowned architect has accused Google of racketeering, saying in a lawsuit the company has a pattern of stealing trade secrets from people it first invites to collaborate. Source

One would guess it’s a coincidence, but then you realize it isn’t.